Certification and Assessment by 3cert GmbH

Certification of management systems

The certification and inspection procedures of 3cert GmbH are based on a system accredited by the German accreditation body GmbH (DAkkS) for the standards 9001, 18001, MAAS-BGW, 13485, 14001 and SCC Safety Certifikate Contractors.

In addition, we offer also systems approved by other agencies, E.g. QEB by the KBV. All world-wide accreditation rules are involved - this is the way to ensure that your certification will be internationally recognised. In addition to the above certifications according to the DIN EN ISO 9001 series, 3cert GmbH conducts the monitoring and implementing of innovative and newly developed certification procedures, such as "quality seal Geriatrics", "ATZ Alterstraumatologisches Centre" and "RehaSpect".


We distinguish our certification activities by

Of course, combinations of the individual procedures and standards in certification are possible according to international standards, depending on the latest guidelines by the accreditors.

In the selection of Auditors, 3cert GmbH takes care to only employ professionals with relevant industry, professional and above all social skills. A further unique selling proposition of our auditors are the highly developed analytical skills, allowing to audit complex organizations as well as the interpretation of the standard requirements in the area of small and very small organizations.

In addition to the granting of certificates, a number of opportunities for improvement arise for you through the external auditing.

3cert GmbH performs no advice, no analysis and no training (including in-house training).



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